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Terri Clifton Sharon has been a true inspiration to me. Not only has she helped me with confidence, posing, and developing a solid stage presence, but beyond that; taught me there are no limits and to that I am truly grateful. Sharon your drive and dedication to what you do is stellar. Thank you for your guidance, support and being a true example to model after.To continued success!! ~Terri Clifton - McDonough, GA.
Aimee Buono I met Sharon Gayle through her online competition videos. As a former NPC figure competitor, I was new to the WNBF’s style of posing and I wanted to perfect it! I found and played Sharon’s videos repeatedly at the gym and home to learn the poses. Overtime, her self confidence, poise and smile became a familiar presence to me. I liked how she calmly glided across the stage, confidently paused and then powerfully hit her poses, all with a huge smile. So, imagine how happy I was when I met her backstage at my first INBF show and she commented on my look and posing!!! I already viewed her as a tough competitor from her competition history and videos, but talking to her, she proved to be a genuine and caring person. Sharon had no idea who I was, but she had already been a force in my life and I was excited to meet her. So excited, that I decided to meet with Sharon for a Consultation. Meeting with Sharon in her office brought her authenticity and integrity to life. I quickly learned that Sharon is a passionate, determined, knowledgeable individual in her field. She thrives in the competition world while also supporting others success. She will guide you to bring your best YOU to the forefront.She did this for me with a video, imagine what she can do for you in person!! Thank you Sharon!. ~Aimee Buono - Brooklyn, NY.
Five Stars! Sharon is one of the most professional and caring individuals the health and fitness industry has to offer. She truly cares about the wellbeing of her clients, and seems to go to great lengths to make them comfortable. Her focus is on helping her clients achieve their individual goals, but to do so she first works on finding the root of their concerns (usually the things we try to hide). You're so comfortable with her that you find yourself opening up and telling her the truth. At this point, she works on helping you to believe in yourself and your potential. Then she goes to work on helping you achieve your goals. She is the BEST! Thank you Sharon. ~Patrick Newton, San Diego, CA.
A friend of mine does her nutrition with Sharon/GayleFORCE and is always speaking highly of her. So I decided to take my 16-year old son, Ian to her to see if she could help him understand why his eating habits had to change. He is extremely overweight and doesn't seem to care what he put's in his mouth. Well I'm not sure how she did it ...but Ian seems to see things a little bit differently now. He has quite a ways to go, but presently he's cut back his soda intake to one per day, and considers Pizza a treat for the weekend, as opposed to dinner Monday thru Friday. He's fine with me taking him to see Sharon twice per month, and is even talking about trying out for his schools Soccer Team when his loses weight. I'm not sure how she got through to my son, and have to admit that I'm a little jealous that she did what I could not; yet, I am so grateful for her abilities, patience, and understanding. ~Tina Marks, Bridge Port, CT.
David Maurer ...You are an inspiration to us all. All the best for you at the Pro Worlds. Be confident and show the world the reflection of Gods light with that beautiful smile and dynamite physique. Cause you got it girl!!! See you on the circuit.~David Maurer, Miami, FL.
Denise M AMAZING!! You are so inspiring! I LOVE the Website! I was sitting here smiling from ear to ear. Very impressive! (standing up in applause). ~Denise M., New York, NY.
Sharon, Lisa checking in. Your online plan was very helpful to me, and I use the daily workout plans. Further- I find your services ideal for executives with tight schedules, as your plans focus on, and emphasize using fitness time wisely. I am still going to the gym 5-6 days per week and feeling great! I feel confident that I will continue with my plan and am positive about my health and fitness goals. I am a wife, mother of 2 and busy executive. Your newsletter inspires me to keep making progress and be the best I can be. Thanks for the positive message! ~Lisa Waters, New York, NY.
Just want to let you know about my routine you created: Whhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! It's really kicking my butt! (And, I mean that in a very positive way!) I'm really feeling it in my lower body. I'm pretty sore in my legs, gluts and thighs (a good sore). Thanks again! I'm enjoying this... ~John Elsasser, New York, NY.
I'm 55 years old and recently ran the Marine Corps Marathon. I finished feeling strong and injury-free. I truly believe working out weekly with Sharon for the past two years has contributed to my success in running. ~Paula Remsen, Annapolis, MD.
Sharon really knows the body and what works and what doesn't! I thought I had a pretty good idea, however, I really found that how she trains really does show results and what is best for you. She is extremely thorough with the initial consultation through the training sessions. She definitely "walks the talk" and she has a great demeanor during the sessions. If you want a "REAL" trainer then Sharon is your best bet! ~Katie Kristoffer - New York, NY.
Sharon! ...I also wanted you to know that I did several of the exercises we went over yesterday and I was much more confident walking up to the machines (and maybe actually looked like I knew what I was doing). I was able to figure out the Gravitron as well! Have a fabulous day! ~Allison Rosner - New York, NY.
Just wanted to say that I think your site and newsletter is a great resource and incredibly informative. I've passed this info onto several of my friends, and they all think it's great as well. Keep up the good work! ~Luke, Buffalo
Since I've been exercising with Sharon, I feel stronger than I have ever felt. I've been able to successfully manage my chronic back pain with the help of the workouts that Sharon has created for my specific needs. ~Gregory Marsh - Arlington, VA.
Sharon, your knowledge and professionalism are top notch. Add in your personality and enthusiasm, and knack for making that extra effort fun, makes you a truly outstanding personal trainer. I will be recommending you highly to my friends and co-workers. ~Daniel Grove - Reston, VA.
I started training with Sharon after having my first baby. She helped me tone and sculpt my body back into shape. During my second pregnancy, I continued to train with Sharon. I was nervous about weight training while pregnant, but Sharon provided a routine that fit the needs of my pregnant body. In addition, I always felt safe during the workouts and could let her know if we needed to slow down or adjust the routine. ~Karen Meyor - Atlanta, GA.
My cholesterol went from 247 to 198 – a 20% drop! Sharon, thanks so much for pushing me to excel! ~Rebecca Keys Seal - Pasadena, MD.
As a 48-year-old breast cancer survivor, surgery, chemo and depression took its toll on me. A friend of mine told me about Sharon. After only 2 months, I feel terrific, my body is bouncing back and so is my attitude. If I am down, I can count on Sharon’s kind words and friendship to lift me up! Sharon has been a blessing in my life and I am so thankful. My 13-year-old daughter has been joining me and she looks amazing. Thanks Sharon! We love you. ~Cindy & (William) Stultz - Park Slope, Brooklyn
Wanted to reaffirm my belief in the post-rehabilitation workouts you have put me through. After suffering 20 years with a torn ACL, I had the reconstructive Allograft surgery done on my knee this year. My recovery was not going nearly as I thought and I was dejected about the entire process. Coming into your high-intensity program has transformed my physical and mental state and made me believe that I can achieve any level of physical fitness possible, as long as I'm willing to stay committed and work. Thanks for pulling me back from the dread...of reconstructive surgery...all the best with your future endeavors. You have the right formula and approach to complete fitness. ~Brant Shurman - Las Vega, NV.
After trying every other weight loss fad including over the counter and prescription pills I finally decided to get serious. I found Sharon and began an intense workout routine just twice a week. I thought that killing myself with cardio was the only way to take off the inches, but in 6 weeks, I lost 17lbs and more than 15 inches on my hips, waist, chest, and thighs. The workouts have energized me and put me on the road to success. I would get burned out with the same old routine but personalized weight training is the way to go for impatient people like myself who need fast results to stay motivated. I've found what works and I encourage everyone to try it for themselves. ~Betsy Ryan - Chicago, IL.
Sharon has kept me on a rigorous physical fitness regime. At the end of each workout I feel tired and at the same time, revved up ...ready to take on the world. I’m always satisfied after every workout. I can't picture my life without Sharon's one-on-one guidance. She has a great personality and really knows her stuff. The workouts are beneficial, convenient, and most of all, FUN! ~Raymond Perez - Deluthe, GA.
As a multi-sport high school athlete, I always thought that I was in good shape. After completing one full year with Sharon, I now know what it feels like to be in great shape. I'm bigger, stronger, and faster now! Sharon really cares if you're doing well. I can't thank her enough for helping me realize my goals and giving me the self-confidence I now have. Thanks again! ~Kyle Glise - Long Island City, NY.
Sharon has really helped improve my strength and flexibility. Aside from my enhanced health and fitness, I have improved my golf game considerably. Since I started her nutrition and meal plan program, I am hitting my irons 5-10 yards longer. I also have increased my driving distance 15-20 yards, as well as being more flexible. I am looking forward to taking my game to the "next level" with her guidance and hard work. ~Ryan Coran - Jersey City, NJ.
Sharon has succeeded in helping me to reach a level of fitness that I only read about in the past. I'm so grateful to her for pushing me to the next level of fitness. I have never felt healthier. I'm a client for life! ~Kathy Bankowski - Englewood, NJ.
After wasting thousands of dollars on health club memberships, I finally admitted to myself that I wasn't going to exercise unless I could do so in a private setting, motivated and guided by a professional trainer. I've been training with Sharon Gayle for almost three years now and am in the best shape ever. Sharon has consistently provided me with one-on-one fitness training that is challenging, safe and effective. I recommend her wholeheartedly. ~Susan E. - New York City, NY.

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