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Dear Sharon ...False Weight!

by Sharon Gayle October 5, 2010


Hi Sharon.  I saw you at the gym a day or two prior to your competition; you looked tight and toned, but quite slim.  I cannot imagine that you gained size in 1-2 days, so why do you look so much bigger in the photographs you have in your gallery?
~Tracy Levine, NY.

Not always a true reflection!


I'm so glad you asked this question Tracy. I’ve meaning to address this for some time.

You will find that some of the bodybuilders are indeed “big” individuals, specifically the “heavyweight” division; however, the Figure/Physique women (we are not bodybuilders) are quite small, and slim.  The camera typically makes an individual look 10-15lbs bigger than they are; thus as very lean, muscularly defined athletes, when we step on stage, our muscles are amplified, making us we will look bigger in every way.  Due to our physical definition and vascularity, we may indeed look like bodybuilders in our photographs. 

Just an FYI. I am 5’8” and typically go on stage at 128Ibs.  My off-season weight is approximately 135Ibs.  So you see I am not a big person at all. 

The camera putting false weight on an individual, is also the reason that models, actors, and performers, try so hard to keep their weight down and to stay in shape. They do not want to look heavy on stage, or in film. ~SG.

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Dear Sharon