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U.S. Pro Cup Championships - Competition Update

by Sharon Gayle October 5, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect...

...Most of the time

I’ll get straight to it. I did not do as well as I had hoped to at the WNBF U.S. Pro Cup held Saturday 17th September.  Not doing well, meaning that I did not place Top-5.  Needless to say, all competitors would love to place 1st and/or win the Overall segment; however, as a Professional Figure Competitor, placing Top-5 is a significant victory wherein you are awarded a Trophy and recognition. The Top-3 competitors also receive cash prizes.  There are no cash prizes as an Amateur competitor. 

Progress Photo - 2 days prior to U.S. Pro. Championships

The season is almost over; however, the 2010 WNBF Pro World Figure Championships, biggest event of the year is just around the corner.  Dependent upon our conditioning and goals; most of our competitions throughout the year, though taken very seriously, are used as practice towards this specific event.  Held annually in November and hosted in New York City, this international event will bring competitors in from all over the globe looking to make their mark!  I too will be there, hoping to stand out as I did at the 2009 INBF World Championships. Watch video!

Stay tuned for upcoming details on 2010 WNBF Pro World Figure Championships!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to show support and cheer me on!  I heard you! :-} ~SG


10/14/2010 7:42:58 AM #

Love This Picture Sharon. Well you look great anywhere anyway Smile

Tatiana United States

10/22/2010 7:56:57 PM #

Thank you Tatiana! I'm working hard ...aiming to look much better for the Pro Worlds. I hope you can make it. :-} ~Sharon

SG. United States