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by Sharon Gayle October 5, 2010

Don't Yo-Yo ...Plan for Success!

Reason #1: Unrealistic Expectations
A desire to lose weight is commendable; however, too often this particular goal is driven by unreasonable expectations of weight you can lose per week.  You may even have an unrealistic goal-weight in mind for your height, frame, and lifestyle.  Unrealistic expectations usually come from a lack of information on what it will take to lose the weight and solid information on the various food groups.  Without a little research, or speaking with a professional dietician or nutritionist; you may be setting yourself up for disappointment, which could potentially lead to further weight gain.

Reason #2: You are not fully committed
Many times a person is not fully committed to the goal.  But again, this is most typical of those who have not done their research.  Yes, there are those who do their research and are initially very excited about their plans; but lose patience down the road.  They too were not committed.  Knowledge is an essential component to success; however, without commitment, you will not succeed.  A great deal of success in weight loss and lifestyle change is dependent upon personality.  Dieting, and maintaining your weight loss is typically a lifetime commitment; thus, you must think ahead and plan accordingly.

Reason #3:  One Size Does Not  Fit All! 
As odd as this may sound; your diet goals should be realistic, but most importantly, the must fit your lifestyle.  A diet that worked for your best friend, is by no means guaranteed to work for you.  A dress that looks good on your 5’8” frame may be totally wrong on your 5’1” best friend.  Just as one size does not fit all; neither does a cookie cutter diet.

If you are following an extreme weight loss program that is radically different from the way you normally eat; there is a big chance that even your best efforts will not end in success.  Subsisting on a liquid diet, shakes, or lettuce, is not “normal” eating.  We are all unique with various food preferences, activities, and life-goals.  If you view your diet plan as a short-term change in your usual eating habits, rather than a long-term lifestyle change and commitment; you will inevitably find it difficult to make headway or maintain your weight-loss.

Reason #4: Wrong Motivations
Diets often end in failure due to questionable motivations.  The prime reason for dieting should be for better health leading to optimal living and functionality; however, the majority of dieters do so for a multitude of incorrect reasons i.e. getting married and needing to fit into a dress 5-sizes smaller; high school reunions, a desire to look good for someone else, etc.  You name it; I have heard it.  Placing better health at the top of your list and as your priority, (and viewing all other reasons as secondary), provides a better chance for success!

Reason #5: Missing a Major Component
Though dieting (eating healthier) for optimal living is of utmost importance for weight loss, combining it with a well-rounded personalized fitness program establishes a lifestyle change, which will stimulate the weight-loss and encourage commitment.  Additionally, the combination of balanced nutrition and a well-rounded fitness program, brings about greater visual results.  And, liking the way you look and feel is great motivation to staying on track!

Reason #6: Lack of positive reinforcements
To achieve your diet goals you must be committed and determined; however, it does help to have positive reinforcement from family, friends, and
co-workers; along with their understanding and encouragement, when you find yourself straying of the path.  The people who care about you will be sympathetic to your cause.  If they are not; seek out a few individuals who will pick you up when you fall or deter from the course, and encourage you to press on.  And, feel free to call me!

Reason #7: Difficulty Forgiving Yourself
This is a very common dieting pitfall.  When people give in to temptation and subsequently “fall of the well-laid path” for one meal, or one day; they often tell themselves they’ve lost all chance of succeeding and give-up for good.  I actually believe this a subconscious excuse to got back to negative eating habits which might have compensated for other issues/concerns.  To be successful, you have to learn to overcome these temporary setbacks.  You cannot let one “binge” or one “off day” become a full week, or month, of splurging.  Try your best to stay focused and forgive yourself.  Otherwise, after a certain point, it can be extremely difficult for you to break the cycle of negative thinking and get back on track.

They key to making it work!
Don't yo-yo back and forth. The best approach to weight loss is an individual one that takes your preferences, lifestyle, needs, and attitudes into consideration.  Once you have a plan in place, how you feel will be the best indicator that you are eating well.

Many of the weight loss clients that I have worked with admit to perpetual dieting. They have tried every weight loss plan, scheme, or promise and failed repeatedly.  99% of their attempts fail because of one, or some combination of the seven reasons I discuss above.  That being said, awareness is very important.  Knowing you tendencies and the mistakes, you have made; in addition to being, honest with yourself, puts you a step closer to achieving this very important goal!

If you have been struggling with weight loss, or having difficulty finding the right combination of lifestyle change to achieve your goals, consider meeting with me for a consultation and assessment.  I will have you on track in no time!  (212) 947-7110 x290

I look forward to assisting you with your wellness goals! ~SG.