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Sharon Gayle Wins Big!!! 2012 NPC Grand Prix

by Sharon Gayle October 18, 2012

Winning ...An Exhilarating and Heartwarming Experience!

1st Place Figure and 3rd Place Masters Figure

at the
NPC Grand Prix
Saturday 6th October, 2012 : Brooklyn, New York


 Yeah!!! Needless to say, I am thrilled to have done so well upon my return to the NPC (National Physique Committee). To have made an impression upon the Judges wearing one of my own designs from the GayleFORCE Suits Collection,
made it even more impacting!!!

Sharon Gayle taking 1st Place in Top-5

Saturday 6th October, 2012 was most definitely a good day! A big thank you to my friend Patricia for helping me prepare for Prejudging; Natalie for helping me prepare for Finals and calming my nerves with her wonderfully positive attitude and uplifting words. (Natalie, I am still blushing and so flattered by your “Statue” comment! You are too kind!) More thanks and hugs sent out to my beloved Mother, and friends for believing in me, and wanting only the best for me in my competitive career. And to all of the beautiful Competitors that I met on this day: Danny (Danielle), Victoria, Jalynn, Alix, Erika (and friend Erica - I hope I got that right:-), …THANK YOU for your kind words, compliments on my suit, and the huge HOORAH!!! that you all gave me when I came backstage with my trophies in hand. You all made this experience all the more touching, and memorable. THANK YOU! ~Sharon Gayle

Me, preparing for PreJudging.

Lightweight trophys ...love it!

FIGURE Top-5 Competitors.  Waiting to see how we've placed and take our positions on front stage.

Nervous, but composed.

Masters Figure Segment

Masters Top-5. I take 3rd Place.

Great group shot!

Close-up of Masters Top-5  Competitors.

Finals Entertainment

Mellie Mel was in the house stirring up the excitement!

Backstage Chilling ...Offers great photo ops!

The win was exhilarating, while the competitor camaraderie backstage in the tiny changing room, was heartwarming! Competitors pitched in to help each other, pointed out things that the other may have missed, and suggested remedies for the usual mishaps that happen throughout backstage preparation. Backstage changing rooms is where bonding takes place, and where new friendships are often forged!

Making the most of the time leading up to the Finals.

The dynamic trio ;-) ...Danielle, Me, and Victoria.

And as usual ...a girls got to look good coming and going in front of the Judges!


*Sharon is wearing “Pin Stripe Fiesta” from the GayleFORCE Competition Suit Collectio
GayleFORCE Competition Suits & Accessories


10/19/2012 2:44:02 PM #

I think you are the most fantastic female bodybuilder EVA!  You are an inspiration to all athletes in all genres and I wish you success in any endeavor you choose.  Keep it up - YOU'RE A WINNER!

Michelle Thomas United States

1/2/2013 4:29:32 PM #

Not only is Sharon one of the most fantastic female bodybuilders/figure competitors ever, but she is by far one of the most physically overpowering (natural) figure competitors in the sport. The competition photos above are a testament to my claim about Sharon’s physique. In fact, Sharon has continued to present her physique in this magnitude throughout her competitive career. In every contest gallery or video Sharon has been featured in, you can clearly see how much tighter, harder and muscular her physique is in comparison to most women in her class.

I believe Sharon’s physique more than often gives her a very formidable presence amongst many of her female rivals. At times, for me at least, it can be difficult to tell when Sharon is in the off-season. So, as astounding as she appears in both the off-season and when prepping for her next show, I think it’s safe for me to assume that unwitting competitors and new-comers alike to the sport that have yet to see Sharon in person, are captivated 100% of the time when they bare witness to her muscular development. I could only imagine what some of these women must think when in her presence during prep or competition time. Surely it must be a breathtaking experience. Sharon can easily crush a person’s ego if they are not in top form and or prepared to compete; especially against her. She doesn’t hold back and will embarrass an opponent on stage.

In my opinion, the reason for Sharon sporadically receiving low placings is not because of her lack of conditioning, but simply because she is too physically overpowering for her class (depending on what the judges are looking for) at the time. Sharon could effortlessly compete in and dominate a figure category, bodybuilding or physique class all in one setting if she really wanted too. By far, Sharon has one of the widest backs, some of the thickest traps and a pair of some of the most muscular arms that I seldom see on any figure athlete in any of the organizations she has competed in prior to the NPC. As of now, she has one of the most prominent physiques in the NPC. Sharon makes some of the IFBB pros look absolutely pathetic. She is a force of nature!  

As far as rival competition goes, Yolanda Tillman competed in the 2012 NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix (the woman 2nd to the left in the “Masters Figure Segment” photo wearing the dark colored suit) and (I assume) was compared to Sharon occasionally in the Masters division. I’m pointing out the comparison(s) between Sharon and Yolanda, because despite her competition hiatus, Yolanda Tillman is still a force to be reckoned with in the NPC. She was a protégé of legendary female bodybuilder Linda Wood-Hoyte who coached her throughout her early competitive career, in which she trained under the tutelage of Dave Palumbo and trained alongside bodybuilder/wrestler Nicole Bass and IFBB pro Colette Nelson to name a few.

During that period, Yolanda developed a strong relationship with local NY figure athletes such as Grace Rivera, Jennifer Searles and a few others in which they formed a very tight-knit circle. In fact, Yolanda was the most muscular figure girl in their clique, surpassing both Grace Rivera and IFBB pro Tara Scotti in size. Yolanda Tillman was a beast when she competed in the past and was extremely built for a figure girl. Why she remains in figure with the physique division available is beyond me.

While having a high metabolism and being very thin and lanky throughout her adolescence before pursuing bodybuilding, Yolanda discovered (in her efforts to gain weight in the gym by adding muscle) that she was blessed with the genetics to lift weights and naturally increase her muscle mass and density at an alarming rate. In just a couple of months, she added a substantial amount of quality muscle and size onto her thin frame with little effort in the gym. Along with her increased size and weight, it was also revealed that she was amazingly strong and could effortlessly train alongside pro bodybuilders and Olympic style weightlifters. Not only is she a machine when
training, but a powerhouse in the weightlifting department! She’s a genetic marvel like no other.

Nonetheless, Sharon packed on almost the same amount of muscular size as Yolanda and although not as thick as her, she was incredibly lean and vascular; Sharon was ripped to shreds at the Grand Prix. Very few figure athletes could claim having striated pecs and separated delts like Sharon…it’s a rarity. Her conditioning overshadowed every athlete in her class.

Like Sharon, Yolanda can and will humiliate any unprepared rival with her sheer presence alone and can make some of the most overly-confident competitors reconsider competing in the sport again. For many, fitness is about health and confidence, but in the physique competition aspect of it, both Sharon and Yolanda know exactly what it takes to diminish that confidence. Like bodybuilding, figure is a methodical sport that should be taken seriously.

Yolanda Tillman was and still is IFBB material, so Sharon should without doubt be amid the pro ranks in the IFBB. Yolanda placed 2nd in class B among 6 women, whereas Sharon placed 1st and dominated class C among 6 athletes as well. However, In the Masters division, Yolanda placed higher than Sharon; which could have gone either way. Apart from the close placing, Yolanda will continue to bring intense competition to any stage she’s on and Sharon went toe to toe with Yolanda not only making her mark in the NPC and succeeding as one of the top competitors in the Masters, but triumphed as the winner of class B all together.

Anthony United States