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Sharon Gayle - JABBFA TEAM Coachin Seminar, Jamaica W.I.

by Sharon Gayle October 24, 2014

Sharon Gayle - Speaking Engagement & Seminar

JABBFA | Jamaican Amateur Bodybuilding & Fitness Association

Fitness Motivational Coaching Session

Date: October 25, 2014

: Fit Farm Fitness Club, Jamaica, WI.
Event Hosted by
  JABBFA - Jamaican Amateur Bodybuilding & Fitness Association

Sharon Gayle will be at Fit Farm Fitness Club for a Meet and Greet / Rap Motivational session with the JABBFA Athletes (Male and Female).

Sharon is a World Champion Figure Competitor and Professional Women's Fitness expert from the UK. You may learn a thing or two about the exciting possibilities for the sport and what it can offer to you. The Session is geared to Bodybuilding Competitors (ALL DIVISIONS); however, all fitness enthusiasts are welcome!

"We are most grateful. Our athletes would enjoy meeting you and listening to your experiences." --Sydney Davis, JABBFA 1st Vice President

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