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Recapping the 2011 WNBF Champion Nutrition Pro Universe

by Sharon Gayle September 21, 2011

2011 WNBF Champion Nutrition Pro Universe

Saturday 17th September, 2011
New York, NY

Dear GayleFORCE Readers,

I’ll keep this short and sweet as I’m still recuperating from competing at the 2011 Champion Nutrition WNBF Pro Universe this past Saturday. Wow, is all I can say! The Pro’s came out and they were not playing around; they came in tight, toned, and looking to win money! And, so did I . . .$$$ and a Trophy to be exact. :-} Don’t mind me, I’m being silly, and as I mentioned, still recuperating from 11-weeks of intensified training in addition to the other items, always on my daily agenda.

The competitor turnout was great, and though I did not do as well as I had hoped, placing a respectable 8th, I took the stage in rare form and did what I always try to do... Shine and Stand Out! And now as I wait for the head-judges feedback, I’m taking this week off to gather my thoughts, establish a game plan, and as of next week, move forward in preparation for the Pro World Championships in November. No, it’s not over yet!

Sharon, front and center at the 2011 WNBF Pro Universe

To those of you who came out to support me, THANK YOU! so much. I’m still reeling at just how many of you were in the audience yelling and cheering me on. Once I stepped off stage and met with you, it did not seem to matter were I placed; you all made me feel like a Winner!

A special THANK YOU! to my friend Pat for being there as usual to assist me backstage. You’re an Angel Pat, and I truly appreciate all that you do to help and encourage me during my preparation.

And last but not least, to all of you who sent me e-mails and v-mails with positive words and encouragement, THANK YOU! for caring and for your confidence in my abilities. It’s nice knowing you’re in my corner! ~SharonGayle

Below are a few candid backstage shots. Professional photographs to come!

Nicole and I.

My Angel Pat.

Caught of guard, seriously!

Taking advantage of downtime.

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