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Personal Message + Photo's of Sharon at the 2011 WNBF World Championships

by Sharon Gayle November 22, 2011

A Note from Sharon Gayle

Dear GayleFORCE Fitness Readers,

I thought it would be nice to report back to you on the 2011 WNBF World Championships with a selection of my favorite photographs and the added, personal touch of a short video below.

Up-close and personal with Sharon Gayle
Watch and listen-in here!

Due to popular demand by GayleFORCE Fitness readers and clients,  I will be including video presentations to the GayleFORCE Fitness Newsletter, Website, and BLOG.  I do believe the video's will be a great addition, and will allow me to expand on specific articles, discuss upcoming projects, announce events, and much more!  Enjoy! ~SG

Photographs of Sharon Gayle at the 2011 WNBF World Championships

Sharon Gayle - Stepping out confidently!

Sharon Gayle - Beaming!

Sharon Gayle - Looking good going and coming!

Sharon Gayle - During the T-Walk.

Sharon Gayle - Thanks to Byron for this great shot!

Sharon Gayle - Finals Gown Segment.

Sharon Gayle with her good friend Pat. Always at my side!

Sharon Gayle - Visible in a partial line-up during the Comparison Round.

Sharon Gayle - In transition.

Sharon Gayle - Composed!

I hope you liked this selection of images. It's been a long year, but one which I think culminated with my bringing a good look to the stage; in addition to gaining experience, and making great connections along the way.  Thanks again to all of you who sent in emails, called, and came out to support me at this years World Championships. ~Sharon Gayle 

All photographs courtesy of Sharon Gayle - GayleFORCE Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement.