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BREAKING NEWS!!! GFM-Protect & Serve™.

by Sharon Gayle February 4, 2016

GayleFORCE® Metro NY Championships | 2016

New Division Added: GFM-Protect & Serve™

In honor, and as a tribute to our unsung heroes, we have created a brand "NEW" Division called GFM-Protect & Serve™. This unique division is open only to Firemen, Military, Police, and EMS

This is a GayleFORCE® Metro NY Championships Division, and therefore, will not require an OCB Membership. New York Residency is not required.

We are thrilled to provide a platform on which such brave men and women can showcase their physiques and love of bodybuilding, but also; share a little about their lives and the heroic roles they play in keeping the people, our cities, and nation safe. And, look forward to seeing them in the spotlight!

Please visit the Competitor Registration Page for complete details and registration.