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My First Pro. Competition...

by Sharon Gayle May 4, 2010

Hello everyone. As you now know, if you’ve checked out my Competition Calendar, I will be competing in my first WNBF Pro. competition, the WNBF/NNA Center Stage Figure Championships, in a little less than 3-weeks.  Surprising to many, I am quite nervous.  I think we can all agree that it is healthy to be a little nervous, especially as I'm going on stage with (as one person put it) the WNBF crème of the crop.  After taking 5-weeks off at the beginning February to rest and recuperate from an intense 2009 (did not even see the inside of a gym), it has taken me a few weeks to snap back, but I’m almost in tip-top shape.  The next two weeks will tell the tale.


I’ve begun practicing my posing and working on my swagger.  Yes, my swagger!  I tend to be so nervous on stage that I don’t have much of a swagger a.k.a. saunter, but I’m working on it.  ;-}

I will also be taking a few pre-competition photos’ to keep a visual diary and to see what I actually look like.  A mirror does not do it.  Photographs are best as we are able to look at ourselves as if from the eyes of another person, and be more critical of what we see. 

During the coming 2-weeks, I will be keeping you posted on my transformation and perhaps, pop a photo or two into the Blog for you.

If by chance, you are going to be in Arlington, VA. on Saturday 22nd May, come on out and show your support!  It will be quite welcome. ~SG.