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More Competitor Candid Photo's - Cheryl DeBow

by Sharon Gayle September 1, 2015

2015 GayleFORCE® Metro NY

Competitor Photo's Submitted

Photographs submitted by Cheryl DeBow

More candid competitor photo's showing the good times and experiences that were had at the "all-natural" Inaugural 2015 GayleFORCE® Metro NY Bodybuilding & Physique Championships.

Beaming! Cheryl DeBow with Sharon Gayle, Promoter & Organizer of the GFM

Center stage and loving it!

It's not over, until it's over. Until then, we keep it tight!

Cheryl DeBow, taking Figure 50+ 1st Place and Figure Open 1st Place ...Smiling Brightly!

Candid Camera!

Impromtu all-competitor lineup.

A short break, and a little fun goes a long way!


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Photographs Courtesy of Cheryl DeBow & GayleFORCE® Enterprise
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