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Mind Over Anatomy!

by Sharon Gayle September 15, 2010

Amy Palmiero-Winters ...No Limits!

So many of us try, we try hard, and some of us give it what we consider our all.  When we aren't able to accomplish the goals we've set; sometimes we give up and settle for less ...a lot less.

As Fitness Specialist and Wellness Consultant I've met many an individual who felt that they were simply not blessed with the genetics needed to run the marathon, climb the mountain, swim 10-laps, or simply change their body's to become healthier and stronger.

I often say that "genetics has nothing to do with it" because until we have pushed ourselves mentally and physically we cannot know our potential. It often takes many, many, years to push to our physical limits. However, within those years there are many levels of progress that one can achieve; it's simply mind over anatomy!  Read Amy Palmiero- Winters' story and be inspired to challenge yourself to meet your health, wellness, and fitness goals. If you want it ...you can achieve it! ~SG.

Amy Palmiero-Winters

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Image: Competitor Magazine, Sept. 2010


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