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Johanna Carbonnell | Competitor Testimonial | 2015 GayleFORCE® Metro NY

by Sharon Gayle September 17, 2015

GayleFORCE® Metro NY (GFM™) 2015

Competitor Testimonial

Above and Beyond...

Dear Sharon-GayleFORCE® Metro was my sixth competition, but it was one of the most well coordinated.  Even with a few glitches, Sharon made sure it was relatively seamless for competitors.  From the very beginning this event was extremely enjoyable.  I was able to concentrate on my training and prep, feeling confident that Sharon would keep me informed and that the process go smoothly.  Most importantly, Sharon Gayle went above and beyond to make sure that each and every competitor was able to shine.  Johanna Rose Carbonell!!

Thank you again Sharon, I look forward to next year!

Healthfully yours,
Johanna Rose Carbonell