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Competitors Corner - INBF Hercules 2012 - Commentary

by Sharon Gayle July 6, 2012

INBF Hercules 2012 - Commentary

Coverage of the 2012 INBF Hercules Bodybuilding Championships

Saturday 30th June, 2012 - Murray Bergtraum H.S., NYC.

Last year 2011, I presented trophies at the annual INBF Hercules Bodybuilding Championship. At this same event held Saturday 30th June, I decided to sit back, relax, and enjoy the competition.  And believe me, there was definitely Competition! There was a spectacular turnout of Athletes, all vying for the coveted Pro Card!!! With the season in full swing and the World Championships fast approaching (scheduled for November 9-10, 2012); there are few Pro-Q* opportunities remaining, for Amateurs to achieve Pro. Card status.

This group of athletes knew it, and brought their best packages to the stage. Many I had seen before on the stage; several were at last year’s Hercules and placed Top-5 (I presented them their trophies. But even those competitors were back in rare form. One such athlete was Patricia Greaves. Patricia took 1st Place, Masters Figure Over 40. Poised and confident …she knew she had brought her best physique to the stage. I’ve come to recognize that look of knowing you’ve done your best, and your best is making you stand out from the rest.

Patricia Greaves, 1st Place Masters Over 40

Another stand out competitor was Tyrone Robinson. Very rarely do I see a bodybuilder take the stage and move through his posing so effortlessly.  Smoothly transitioning from post to pose. It was just lovely to see. Calm, cool, and collected …and not a speck of sweat to be seen! This was definitely a visible claim to “practice making perfect”.  Suffice to say; Tyrone was the pround winner of his Pro Card having placed 1st and winning Overall in Open Bantam Weight.

Tyrone Robinson

Congratulations to Tyrone Robinson on becoming a fellow Pro.

A big hand also, to each and every competitor who graced the stage on that day, Top-Five or not, the minute you took the stage…YOU WERE A WINNER!

Here I am having a little fun during Prejudging Intermission with Amateur Bodybuilder and friend Tiffany Jackson. Tiffany was both beautiful and graceful on the stage. She placed 2nd in Open Women’s Bodybuilding. I’m sure we’ll be seeing her again soon. There is a Pro Card with her name on it! ~Sharon Gayle

Tiffany Jackson


Definition: *Pro-Q. – Pro Card Qualifying Event.
Photographs: Taken by Sharon Gayle 


7/27/2012 1:26:05 AM #

Both of you Goddesses look absolutely breathtaking! Sharon, you are a bodybuilding icon and legend! Ms. Jackson...I'm in love! *sigh LOL

Anthony United States

7/29/2012 12:50:13 PM #

Sharon, thank you for showcasing my achievement at the Hercules.  It was truly a positive experience and yes, I worked my butt off for that show!  I'm looking forward to competing now as a pro!
Keep doing what you do - you inspire me to keep striving to be better and bigger!


Patricia Greaves United States

6/10/2013 7:08:29 PM #

Thank you so much Anthony and Patricia for your compliments, feedback, and comments.

Anthony, I'm so flattered to be viewed as an icon...legend. And, yet, I feel as though I just getting started; gearing up to do better as a Pro.

Patricia, anything your mind can conceive, you can achieve! ~SG.

Sharon Gayle / GayleFORCE United States