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GayleFORCE® Competitor Spotlight - Profiles and Bios

by Sharon Gayle May 27, 2015

Welcome to the GayleFORCE®Competitor Spotlight.

Placing the Competitor Center Stage!

Are you an Amateur or Pro Competitor who wants to share your competitive life's story with your friends, family, the World? 

How you have placed does not matter ...1st Place, Top-5, or last call-out. What matters is being recognized for the challenges you have faced, and having the determination, courage, grace and physique to see it through to the stage! The GayleFORCE® Competitor Spotlight, lets you take center stage to shine, as you let the world know of your achievements, and motivate others to pursue their goals!

GayleFORCE Competitor Spotlight - Official Image

As a professional competitor myself, I know the dedication, hard work, sweat (and sometimes tears) that we put into refining our physiques for the stage.  Months and months of hard work, boils down to 1-day on the stage. It is often impossible for those around us to understand what it took to get to that day ...both mentally and physically; and the sacrifices we have made along the way. I felt it was important for GayleFORCE® to provide a platform for my fellow Natural Competitors wherein they could be given Center Stage, allowing the spotlights to shine on their unique lives, and the individual paths that they have traveled, to arrive at their destinations ...Competition Day! ~Sharon Gayle


Read about fellow Natural Athletes who have already stepped into The GayleFORCE®Competitor Spotlight.

WNBF Pro, Aimee Buono "Blazing a Trail!"

WNBF Pro, Cozette Mackie "Defying Age!"

To be featured in the GayleFORCE® Competitor Spotlight email: info@sharongayle.com

We look forward to Placing YOU Center Stage and in the Spotlight!

Sharon Gayle
GayleFORCE® Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement

Leading by Example!


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9/30/2013 4:48:01 PM #

Wow Sharon! Featuring Competitor Profiles is a great addition to the GayleFORCE Forum. I think it's something that the competitors will appreciate, as we do work really hard to prepare for our competitions, and can often feel overlooked if we do not place 1st or 2nd. Or, if we are not on the front of some magazine. And you're right, whether we win, place top-5, or do not place; we still have lives and a story to tell of how we got from here to there. But also, what we aspire to achieve. I think it's wonderful that you/GayleFORCE is allowing us a platform to talk about our competitive lives.  Thank you Sharon.  Elise Simms

Elise Simms United Kingdom

10/1/2013 8:49:26 PM #

This is fantastic. I will definitely be contacting you. I am happy to see others succeed, but I am often left feeling dismissed because unless you WIN, it seems your hard work goes unnoticed. Clearly, we are not dismissed because we are looked at and compared on stage. However, when your name is not even mentioned in the publications or you are just a name and number on the federations website (without a photo); it doesn't do much for your spirits. So I think you're offering a great opportunity to all competitors out there who work hard and sweat to to prepare for their competitions, and want to be recognized for their efforts. Go GayleFORCE! GK.

George Klein United States