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GayleFORCE Fit Tip! Medicine Ball - Abdominals

by Sharon Gayle May 24, 2011

Medicine Ball Exercise

PARTNER DRILL - Sit-Up / Ball Toss

General Guidelines

  1. Lie on back holding a 3 kg* ball pound ball beyond head.
    Interlock ankles. Perform a sit-up and toss ball.
  2. Partner performs sit-up and tosses ball back.
  3. Repeat 12-15 times (each) per set.  Rest 30-seconds after set.
  4. Do 4-sets per session.

* 3 kg is considered a good general purpose ball.


Why not consider this exercise when you're outside at the park with friends?  You could pair-up, do 2-sets; take a 30-second break;  switch partners and repeat. Have fun while getting a quick abdominal workout. ~SG.


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