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GayleFORCE Fit Tip! ARMS

by Sharon Gayle October 20, 2010

FOREARMS - Wrist Curl

Kneeling / Single Arm (Dumbbell)

This exercise will strengthen your forearm and your grip, allowing you to better achieve your upper body workouts, and providing you with more confident-functionality* and mobility.

 Directions and Form:

  1. Holding forearm stationary with other hand, flex wrist up as far as possible.
  2. Relax your upper body and focus on your forearm.
  3. Do 3-sets. Complete 8-10 repetitions. 1-2x weekly.

Note: Use a light but challenging weight. The emphasis here is building strength and endurance in perhaps, the most neglected body-part, as opposed to building muscles.

*This is my personal term for being self-assured that you can securely grip, carry, hold on to, or push a particular item. ~SG.


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10/22/2010 9:02:37 AM #

Hey Sharon I love this article.My forearm is weak due to my motorcycle accident and I can attest,having a weak forearm certainly affects all movements involving hands.shrugs,db presses,raises,and bend over row are the exercises I struggle with.its amazing how much we neglect our smaller muscle groups and expect our major movers to get bigger and stronger without the balance.thanks for the reminder.im gonna do a few sets of forearms today thanks to you.thats why ur da champ Smile

David United States