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GayleFORCE Competitor Spotlight - Cozette Mackie

by Sharon Gayle November 4, 2013

Competitor Profile

Cozette Mackie - WNBF Pro. Bodybuilder


Defying Age!

Though she maintained a healthy lifestyle, at age 42 Cozette Mackie found herself losing weight fast.  She knew the benefits of weight training but had never stepped foot in a gym before 2010.  Determined to maintain a healthy weight, she believed that the best way to gain weight would be to incorporate a daily strength training program day.  Eating healthy was second nature to her, so she was confident that she would adapt to weight training comfortably.  She was right!  Once she started training she was hooked, and decided to take it as far as she could ...Cozette wanted to experience being on stage!

Cozette Mackie proudly defying the age myths!

However, as confident as Cozette was in her ability to change her physique, she found the actual act of getting on stage to be the most difficult aspect of her new mission in life. She was generally a very shy person and had a huge fear of being in front of people. She had such a fear of the stage, that she almost gave in to her fears. But her husband's encouragement kept her on track. Now, when asked how she does bodybuilding make her feel? Cozette immediately answers "Happy, excited, passionate, it's always on my mind."

As part of her new fitness regimen and preparation for competition, Cozette decided to work with a trainer, but soon found that they were not a good fit. She felt pressured to compete before she was truly ready, and questioned the trainers ethics as she periodically attempted to persuade her to do things that went against what she believed in. She decided to part ways and with the aid of her friend Matthew Parks, she was connected to her current coach/trainer. "Mathew has been a huge support for me and is an amazing person."

Nevertheless, even with the right preparation she had to be able to tackle her fear.  Cozette found learning how to pose very difficult, and learning how to perform a routine, even harder.  This was a major challenge but focused, and, resilient, she became even more determined not to allow this difficulty or her shyness, to prevent her from pursuing her dreams.

Competition History

Cozette's first competition was in June 2010 with ABBA(1).  She placed 3rd in Light-Weight and 4th in Masters Bodybuilding.  Armed with her newfound experience and great placements, she decided to take a year off to refine her physique and presentation.  During this time, she also became a member of the INBF(2).  She competed in her first INBF Bodybuilding Competition in May of 2012 - INBF Calgary Cup and won her Rookie Pro Card.  Earlier this year she earned Full Pro Bodybuilding Status by winning 3rd Place at the May 2013 - WNBF(3) Pro Intercontinental (Edmonton, BOS).

SG:  Has Bodybuilding help you break out of your shyness?
  Yes, tremendously. I was always covered up, self-conscious, in the gym. I would be preparing for a competition, yet nervous about practicing my posing in public; concerned about people looking.  However, now I am far more comfortable with myself and my body.  Now, I no longer wear large t-shirts and choose to wear form-fitting gym-wear as I find it less restricting.

SG:  How has bodybuilding changed or impacted your life?
  So far it's been an awesome journey!  It's opened my eyes. I find myself wanting to help others as well ...even giving free advice.  Bodybuilding has totally changed my life!

SG:  What would you tell a friend or client who is thinking about competing?
Cozette:  I would suggest that they go to a competition to see it live, or at the very least, check out an event video on YouTube.  I would then explain what it takes to compete and the commitment necessary.  I find that the real challenge for most is the diet.

SG:  Where do you see yourself in 5-years?  Still competing?
  I will still be competing.  I'm in it for the long haul!

Cozette lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is now a Personal Trainer.  She uses her personal experience and knowledge to be a positive influence to her clients.  She thanks two key people in her life for their unwavering support: her husband Steven Wolf, and her trainer Jason Hutton.

Looking to the Future!

Now 46-years young, due to her age, she has decided takes more time off between shows to train, build muscle, and refine her physique.  Cozette is now winding down for the season, but intends to hit the competition circuit strong next year.  Keep your eyes open for Cozette!  She will be competing in the 2014 WNBF/INBF Iron Eagle Bodybuilding & Figure Championships (Savannah, GA), 2014 WNBF Pro Intercontinental (Edmonton, BOS.) and 2014 WNBF World Championships.

Cozette Mackie is undeniable proof that age has very little bearing when determination is in place.  Regardless of age, one can become fitter, healthier, and stronger.  And with these key elements and the right preparation; one can look their fears head on, move beyond them, and WIN!  ~Sharon Gayle


Photograph: Courtesy of Cozette Mackie
(1) ABBA - Alberta Bodybuilding Association
(2) INBF - International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness - Amateur Division
(3) WNBF - World Natural Bodybuilding Federation - Professional Division
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Thank you so much Sharon. This is so amazing and a bit overwhelming for me to see my story in print.
Thank you again

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