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GayleFORCE Competitor Spotlight - Aimee Buono

by Sharon Gayle September 30, 2013

Competitor Profile

Aimee Buono - WNBF Pro. Figure Competitor


Blazing a Trail!


Aimee Buono is a newcomer to the INBF,(1) but before she could be known as an INBF Competitor, she launched herself into the ranks of the WNBF(2) by winning 1st Place and Overall at this year's Hercules Bodybuilding & Figure Championships-2013 (NYC).

Background: Aimee is a licensed Massage Therapist based in Brooklyn, NY. and has more than 13-years of experience.  She is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and has dedicated herself to helping her clients arrive at the path to sustaining a healthy lifestyle.  Aimee practiced gymnastics for 15-years and dance for 5-years.  She decided to compete to prove to herself that she could create a goal, stick to it, and succeed; but also, to overcome the negative body-image that she had of herself.

Aimee Buono, 1st Place & Overall - Hercules 2013 

Aimee decided to joined the INBF as she felt that her lifestyle and physique was better suited to a Natural (drug free) Federation.  But Aimee is no amateur to the World of Figure Competition.  She began her competitive career in 2011 competing with the NPC.  Immediately making an impact, she took the stage by storm placing 1st in Masters Figure and 3rd in Open Figure at the NPC Eastern USA-2011 (NYC).  She then went on to place 3rd in Masters Figure and 4th in Open Figure at the NPC Atlantic States-2012 (NYC).  Continuously refining her look and honing her stage presence Aimee competed at her first NPC National level event and placed 6th in Masters (Over 35 B) at the NPC Team Universe-2012 (NJ).

Now, as an WNBF Figure Competitor, Aimee has hit the ground running and has begun training and preparing to compete in her first WNBF Competition, the WNBF Pro U.S Cup Extravaganza Bodybuilding  & Figure Championships, Oct 19, 2013 (New Haven, CT.)

Here style ...sexy, daring, sophistication.  Seriously focused, and with the desire to encourage and motivate other women to believe in themselves, and to pursue their goals; Aimee plans to step out with a refined look and a commanding presentation.

Sharon:  Aimee what would you say to the women out there who are contemplating whether they should compete or not?
Aimee:  "I would say if you have the desire to compete then do it!!  Ignore all the negative fears in your head, create support, don't compare yourself, stay focused, create your best you, and remember to have fun!"

Aimee's competitive goals are to inspire others to become powerful, strong, and confident, but also to WIN!

Aimee thanks her Parents for her genetics, Steve & Amanda for love & support, Carmi Smith for discipline & form and Jennifer Searles for always keeping it real.

Make no mistake, Ms. Buono is new to the WNBF but she is no newbie.  Here to stay, and with an eye on the upcoming 2013 WNBF World Championships, this is one figure competitor who's name will become known far and wide. ~Sharon Gayle

Photograph: Courtesy of Aimee Buono
(1) INBF - International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness - Amateur Division
(2) WNBF - World Natural Bodybuilding Federation - Professional Division
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10/2/2013 7:03:47 PM #

she is so beautiful - inside as well as outside!  she is such a role model for so many women - she is my beautiful daughter!!!!! And I love her

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