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GayleFORCE Competitition Suits Showcases Designs at WNBF Pro U.S. Cup

by Sharon Gayle October 9, 2012

Premiere Showcasing of GayleFORCE Brand

The Art of Competition!

GayleFORCE Competition Suits & Accessories was in the house, and in living color at the Fulton’s/WNBF Pro U.S. Cup & INBF Summer Explosion this past August 18th, 2012. This event was host to the premiere showcasing of the GayleFORCE Brand, which includes Women’s Figure and Bodybuilding Suits, Men’s Posing Trunks, Women’s Robes, GayleFORCE T-Shirts, and more.

Sharon Gayle, smiling for the camera's.

Smiling even more!

The competitor and guest turnout was great and GayleFORCE received a very warm welcome from all.  A wonderful beginning to what will be a bright and colorful future!

Profiling next to my designs.

Inquiring minds ...discussing the GayleFORCE Brand with a Competitor and Guest.

Post Prejudging... Competitors get a much-need break.
(L-R) Figure Competitor, Tiffany Jackson (INBF Bodybuilder), and Sharon Gayle.

Thank you Robert Fulton for having me! The GayleFORCE Banner on the podium ...nice move :-)

A BIG SHOUT OUT to the following wonderful people for lending a helping hand when they could: Jada Hooks-Wilson, Patrick Lawrence (and friend on crutches ;-), Denise Richardson, Clarence Thomas, Benetta Taylor (much love and hugs for keeping me company throughout the day), John (for coming to the rescue at the end of the event), and anyone else that I might have missed. Thank you to all of the stunning competitors and guests who stopped by to say hello and check out GayleFORCE Suits. It so was nice to finally meet many of my FB Friends. I truly appreciate all of your compliments and kind words.

See you all again soon ...on and off the stage!

Sharon Gayle
GayleFORCE Competition Suits & Accessories
The Art of Competition!


4/7/2013 11:24:19 PM #

My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You can not imagine just how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

Red Barron 247 United States

6/4/2013 12:54:52 PM #

I’m sending positive energy and my best wishes towards you and your business venture.

I would love to see you produce workout apparel for both women and men when your business begins to thrive and is in full FORCE. GayleFORCE gear for men would definitely be a part of my athletic wardrobe; tanks, muscle shirts, sweats, shorts etc.

The outfit you wore for the premiere showcasing of the GayleFORCE Brand was eye-catching, specifically, your halter top. You absolutely must add that particular style to your line for women; it’s hot! The form fitting contour and cut of that specific design compliments your muscular curves exceptionally well. It brings your physique to light; subtly showcasing your sculpted hard-body for what it truly is as it accentuates your posture and incredibly built upper body, giving you a very striking appearance and your fiercely feminine physique an aesthetic appeal.

Not only does it look like a comfortable top for women to wear both in and outside the gym; it’s also sexy and a real head-turner. I’m confident a lot of fitness minded women would adore wearing a top like that if it were made available through the GayleFORCE Brand. For women in this day and age, “muscle is the new sexy” and that top says it all.

    With your business savvy and network, the GayleFORCE Brand will become a well accredited company in the fitness industry quickly. Not only do I see your company as a heavily marketed and respected one, producing sought after merchandise, but also as a solid sponsor for many athletes.

Anthony United States

6/10/2013 6:03:47 PM #


I'm such a big fan of yours! You inspire me in so many ways to move beyond my fears and to believe in myself.  I first saw you on the stage when you won the INBF World Championships.  You were so humble and surprised that you won; however, I was not. You totally deserved to win ...you looked fabulous ...statuesque.  The other competitors did not stand a chance!

I've stayed tuned in to your blog, and the GayleFORCE Fitness Newsletter. I think that what you doing in the health and wellness industry, and your outreach is a wonderful thing. The fact that you are a serious competitor and are doing so well, combined with your strong desire to help others achieve their health, wellness, and lifestyle goals is truly touching.

Your suit designs are so different from what I see many competitors wearing.  Your designs are beautiful and bold.  Each design seems to be a statement piece.  I envision many competitors wearing GayleFORCE; not only for the beauty and quality craftsmanship, but because of what you, GayleFORCE stands for.  I myself would be proud to wear the GayleFORCE Brand.

You are most definitely a unique and special person.  One of a kind!

Natalia United Kingdom