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Official Tanning Services | GayleFORCE Metro NY.

by Sharon Gayle March 29, 2015

Exclusive Competition Tanning Services.

Show Stopping Tans

For the Finishing Touch!

We are pleased to announce that Show Stopping Tans is the Official Competition Tanning Service for the GayleFORCE Metro NY Bodybuilding & Physique Championships to be held on August 22nd, 2015 in NYC.

Show Stopping Tans is owned by Danielle Monoco-Levine. Well know as an expert in the industry and recognized for her high quality work, Danielle is also a Licenced Esthetician-Educator.

We are thrilled to have Danielle and her Staff providing the finishing touch to our competitors physiques.


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Show Stopping Tans
Image Courtesy of SST.