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EVENT FOLLOW-UP! Teacher Preparatory School - Career Day

by Sharon Gayle June 2, 2012

Inspiring our Young People ...Preparing them for the Future!

Teachers Preparatory School Career Day.

Event Date: Wednesday 16th May, 2012

I have to say that I had a wonderful time presenting to the students at the Teachers Preparatory School Career Day. The students were extremely inviting and very pleasant. They were thrilled to hear from each of the guests presenting information regarding their professions and career choices; and really happy to be able use us as a sounding board to their own thoughts and the directions they are/were considering.

Me with Anastasia C. and Emmanuel B; both aspiring artists.

At the end of our presentation to our designated classes, the staff members and several students showed their appreciation to us for our participation in one of the most important days of the school year. Two students sang to us; Carmen Simone (Principal) thanked all of the professionals personally, and Ms. Reva Jamison (Head Counselor/Event Coordinator), spoke fondly of her Career Day experiences and meeting the individual Professionals.

Ivor Brown, Ms. Reva Jamison, and Myself, feeling very appreciated.

The two students with whom I am pictured, Anastasia C. and Emmanuel B, stepped up to give a few words on the "presenter that impacted them the most". I was so touched when they both indicated that I was that person.  It took all that I had to hold back the tears. I had no idea what they planned to do or say; so I was not prepared for such words of appreciation coming from two very young children. Both decided that they wanted to follow in my footsteps to study Graphic Design & Communications.

I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to speak to the students at the Teachers Preparatory School, and to have been able to help them to make the right choices for their future professions and careers. ~Sharon Gayle

Student Intern Farrah, having a little fun with Ms. Jamison

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7/1/2012 9:53:40 AM #

Awesome Event! Thank you for your participation Sharon!
Great to see Reva after all these years as well. Our INFLUENCE is ongoing...
I am very THANKFUL...

Ms Rich Smile

Denise Richardson United States