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In the Spotlight! - David Maurer Takes it All!

by Sharon Gayle August 30, 2010

Against All Odds! 

8/14/2010 - NPC Greater Gainesville, Bodybuilding & Figure Championships

Riding his motorbike home from work one evening, David Maurer saw his life flash before him as he became entangled in a multi-vehicle accident.  The incident left David with a Crushed Ulna* and Radius* (titanium plates and screws were necessary to repair it) and ruined any chance he had of competing for the remainder of the year, or the following year for that fact.  David had been training and preparing for 3-months to enter the NPC Greater Gainesville Bodybuilding Championships; his first bodybuilding competition, as a Middleweight contender, and had begun looking for a coach.

Self-Assessment and Reflection

Though there is no good time for an accident; this proved to be the worst time for David, [or so he thought].  I have always believed that things happen for a reason, sometimes a good reason; however, we fail to see the positive in it when we are reeling from the immediate negative effects.  The incident, as bad as it might be, often holds you back from perhaps a worse fate. Further, during the healing process, you find that you begin to take stock of yourself, your surroundings, and your place and purpose in the world!  It is during this time of self-assessment and reflection as you look at the steps leading up to that dreadful incident that  you begin to learn from the experience, figuring out what you could have (should have done) differently to change it. Deciding that you won’t let anything like that happen again; one becomes stronger for having had such an experience.

Such is the soul-searching that David did during his recovery, and the grueling process of 6-months of physical therapy and 9-months out of the gym.  It took David a full year of recovery to be able to train for a show and to build back his arm to some semblance of it’s previous self.  David had been working-out for 8-years prior; but he was still far from the physically fit and muscularly built body that he had developed prior to the accident. 

Never a Doubt!

David is however, blessed with a very happy, positive, high-energy disposition.  Always smiling, energetic, and perhaps a tad bit hyper. (I can say that David, I’m your friend!); which made him somewhat resilient to remotely thinking he could not recover from his injuries and move beyond this “pause” in his life.  Having to take time off from work, David did as instructed by his doctors and physical therapists, and surrounded himself with positive, like-minded individuals. He continued to attend competitions to get a good idea of what it would take to compete and to stay motivated.  If you listen carefully to the INBF 2009 World Championships video-clip at my websites’ home-page, you will hear  David’s voice louder than anyone else’s urging me to “strut my stuff”… “stay tight” … “take it home!” He was confident that I  would win Overall and take home the World Champion title!

David Maurer, Overall Winner

How David Planned to Take Down Goliath!

David is a ball of fire that will not be held back.  His recent win is merely a glimmer of what he is capable of achieving.

I spoke with David to congratulate him on his victory and to find out his plans for the near future.  Below is a little bit of his ramblings:

“Every time I attend a show the runner up always sticks out to me. His face and body language when he's announced as the first loser (top-5, fifth place) leaves a distaste in my mouth and motivates me to work that much harder for first place because I know if he's anything like me, he's going to want revenge and therefore gonna train like its nobodies business for the next show. So when I walk into the gym I say to myself, I'm gonna outwork everybody that walks into this gym today! Physically, I did everything nobody else wants to do. Single leg squats, walking lunges w/ 60 lb dumbbells, pull ups, Yoga, Zumba, spin, etc. Helps w/ my flexibility, stage presence, and my overall conditioning and muscle separation.

My theory is that if I'm the only one doing these hard exercises and classes, I'll have an advantage over traditional lifters and therefore look different. My plans for the near future is to win a National title, no matter how long it takes. I'm gonna take the advice of the judges which is to put on some size and go for the gold. Ultimately I wanna win overall in the Arnold Classic. Its better to aim high and fall short than to aim low and achieve it. I forgot who said that but that's where my mind is ....amongst the stars”.

Obstacles Along the Way

Life is not easy for the competitor, we often face many obstacles on the road to preparing for a competition i.e. sickness, injury, wrenches being thrown into our plans, along with the usual myriad of issues and concerns that arise daily for people in general.  Yet, we me must pull ourselves together and decide how important our desire to compete, motivate, uplift, set examples, is to our existence, and forge ahead.  And in the end, it is the very obstacles that we have faced that makes the Win all the more Sweet!


can look back at his accident, recovery, and recent win, and be confident that he has the wherewithal to conquer any future obstacles that may rise up in his path! ~SG

*Anatomical reference for the Ulna and Radius - Source: Grays Anatomy of the Human Body


9/1/2010 11:29:29 AM #

Very motivational Sharon.We are truly blessed with the gift of optimum health because unfortunately for those with disabilities, its not a given.My Grandmother always used to tell me show me your friends and I will show you who you are.I would be proud to introduce you to her today if she were alive.Thanks for being there for me and being a true FRIEND.You are an inspiration to us all.All the best for you @ the worlds.Be confident and show the world the reflection of Gods light with that beautiful smile and dynamite physique.Cause you got it girl!!!See you on the circuit.


David Maurer United States

10/6/2010 12:39:50 PM #

Thank you David for your very kind words!  I would love to have met your Grandmother! :-}  Sharon

SG. United States