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COMPETITORS CORNER! A commentary by Natalie Benjamin

by Sharon Gayle September 29, 2011

The Pursuit of Glory...

Dear Readers,

Below is a note from Natalie Benjamin, a fellow WNBF Pro. Figure Competitor.  We travel this (competitive) road together amidst so many others. Along the way we do our best to uplift and encourage each other.  The pursuit of "physique glory" often opens the gateway to strong bonds and the building of characters.  In the end, I believe it is these traits that make us Winners!  Though we desperately want to take home Trophies; they are exactly that …trophies …inanimate objects.  It is our lives and the emotional roads we travel that tell the tale!

Congratulations to Natalie for achieving WNBF Pro status!  You go girl!  ~Sharon Gayle


A Word from Natalie Benjamin - WNBF Pro. Figure Competitor

Commentary from Natalie Benjamin.

I had a long conversation with Sharon Gayle last night. WNBF Pro competitor and long time friend since our NPC days. We discussed the Pro Universe show and just competing in general. Are we really walking on stage representing that we are a product of hard work in despite of critics and just radiating with the presence of the God we believe in? It doesn't matter how you place. Win or lose DO NOT LOSE YOUR SOUL! We believe we are a product of God's hand in our lives. Our bodies represent fit African American woman. We represent that. As we go into World's, we will keep working hard, changing our physiques.  But we CANNOT LOSE OUR SOULS!

Tanji Johnson, IFBB Pro says her strong Christian faith sustains her through the requisite arduous training process to defeat the world's best.  Our faith will continue to carry us through good and bad times. WE CANNOT LOSE OUR SOULS! We are competing with a purpose! God first always! We gotta decrease so He can use us.

I wrote the below poem after going through a rough period while I prepped for my first Pro show in April of this year.

I Will Walk on stage with the GLORY!
By Natalie Benjamin

I will walk on stage with the GLORY!
God will touch me and I will illuminate.
I will walk with a fire,
A flame that burns in my heart,
That the weapon that has formed for weeks did not prosper.
Offering my soul as a sacrifice,
Been crying out to God in my wilderness experience,
And he brought me back to life.
I will take the GLORY on stage,
The overwhelming crowd will not phase me,
My confidence will be seen.
The devil tried to slay me,
But God showed His strength within my heart.
Thought I'd fall apart but He kept me.
Was so hard to fall on bended knee,
Before thee in this time.
Been blinded by my problems.
Rotten by grief,
Prayed so hard for relief,
And He did it!
Within my soul,
My spirit has been renewed.
I am set free.
Walking with the GLORY!
Showing the talent He blessed me with.
He knows the way I take and when He is finished testing me in the fiery furnace,
In the mouth of the lion,
In the belly of the whale,
In the midst of being stoned,
In the midst of crucifixion,
I will cry at His feet and pour scented oil everywhere,
Wash His feet with my hair.
I will release the GHOST,
He will overwhelm me and
I will come forth pure as GOLD.
A victory worth the praise.
I will shine on stage with the GLORY,
And I will GLOW!

Printed with permission of Natalie Benjamin