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by Sharon Gayle November 29, 2010

Quality over Quantity!

Dear Sharon.
I’ve been going to the gym 6-days per week for the past 3-years. Very rarely do I take a day off.  I used to go 4x per week for about 3 years prior, but wanted to lose more weight and tighten-up; so I thought more would be better.  What am I doing wrong? I look the same!  Help please. ~Lydia Chester, Farmingdale, LI.


Lydia, I think we would all agree that more is not necessarily better, unless we’re speaking about laughter! I do not believe you are doing anything wrong; however, you may need to make a few changes.

I see why you might think that in your specific case, having made progress when going to the gym less; should mean that going more would improve upon your previous success. However, your going to the gym more also changes the way in which your body is affected, i.e. more stress on the body; you may require additional rest/recovery periods; you may need to change nutritional intake.  There is also the possibility that your body has come to a plateau (definition); thus, your program needs may need an overhaul.  There are so many reasons as to why you have not made further positive gains with the additional time spent in the gym.  However, the quick answer is that Quality is more important than Quantity!  WHAT you do in the gym, is more important than how often you are there.  With the correct nutrition, wellness/fitness programs, time, and mindset, you will be able to meet the goals you have set for yourself. HOWEVER, bear in mind that your goals should be realistic, based upon your lifestyle and schedule.

Lydia, I suggest that you re-assess your health and wellness goals; but factor in your current lifestyle and work-scheduleFocus on your health and longevity rather than the amount of day’s your are in the gym.  When you put these two reasons for working out at the top of your list, you might find that 4x-a-week in the gym is more than sufficient. ~SG


Dear Sharon