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Appearances - A Roll-Model to Our Young People!

by Sharon Gayle May 2, 2012

Career Day - Teachers Preparatory School

Teachers Preparatory School, 226 Bristol Street, Brooklyn, NY.
Wednesday 16th May, 2012

Inspiring our Young People ...Preparing them for the Future!

I am so thrilled to be have been invited to be a guest speaker at the Teachers Preparatory School’s Annual Career Day. I will be sharing my thoughts, insights, and various experiences regarding making career choices and setting goals, so that the students will have a solid understanding of how best to navigate the various roads and pathways of the “working” world; in addition to achieving success in their professional and career choices.

Guiding our youth.

It is events such as this that I live for, and which fuels my fire. Making a positive difference in a young persons life means the world to me! ~Sharon Gayle

Image: Courtesy of MSTemplates.