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A Short Hiatus.

by Sharon Gayle March 3, 2011

Dear GayleFORCE Fitness Readers, 


My apologies for being out of touch these past 2-months.  2010 ended wonderfully; however, 2011 started off with several false starts and a few bumps in the road; leaving me with major decisions to make.  I had to take the necessary time to assess my choices and determine the right path to take.  No doubt, a few of you can associate with the periodic need to step back and let go, so that you can think and see clearly. :-} To top it off, I also had to brace myself for surgery on my right shoulder, and prepare well in advance for being limited in my ability to physically work with my clients; plus, being homebound for a few weeks.


Thankfully, my pre-op. MRI’s showed no Rotator-Cuff tear; thus, the procedure "Shoulder Arthroscopic Subacromial Decompression" allowed for relief from pinching and  inflammation to my Rotator Cuff. The Cause: Wear-and-tear of an athletic childhood, years of competing in sports, and working out.  Par-for-the-course in the life of an athlete. For inquiring minds, click here. :-}
Appreciating What You Have...

I’m right-handed; thus, you can imagine how difficult it was to function without the use of my right arm. Ambidextrous or not, it’s funny how quickly one comes to appreciate the other arm, when it’s all you have.  I.e. Try using your secondary arm to clean your teeth or eat; then imagine the more difficult chores.  Scary isn’t it?  But where there is a will, there is a way; and I was determined.  Thankfully, I am out of my sling and well on my way to full internal healing and range-of-motion.

I’ve known for quite some time that I needed surgery, but was compelled to complete specific projects and goals that I had set for myself in 2010; one of which was to compete in the 2010 Pro Worlds Championships last November.

Being Healthy and Fit Pays Off!

Fortunately, my being very healthy and fit has also aided in what my Physical Therapist refers to as the “fastest show of healing and transitioning to full shoulder mobility he’s ever encountered”.  It was just the news I needed to reinforce my living a healthy and fit lifestyle. 

THANK YOU for your calls and email wishing me a speedy recovery.

My Plans for Competing.

Several of you have inquired as to whether my shoulder surgery will affect my plans to compete this year?  At the earliest, I may compete again in October. However, surgery or not, it was my intention to possibly take 2011 off from competing so that I could focus my attentions on my clients, growing GayleFORCE™Fitness, and having a little more “Me Time”.

I have been competing for a relatively short time -- just shy of 3-years; however, competing tends be all-consuming both mentally and physically.

Stepping away from the competition circuit will allow me to focus on other very important projects, build and enjoy friendships; while getting much-needed rest from a very physically taxing sport.  It will also allow me to look forward to competing again, with a mind-set of hitting the stage strong, and making an impact!  Rest assured, I'll keep you all posted on any upcoming events.

                                    Yours in Health!