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2011 WNBF Europe Pro Cup - Contest Report

by Sharon Gayle November 7, 2011

October 15, 2011 - Brunsbüttel, Northern Germany

By Berend Breitenstein

The first ever WNBF Europe Pro Cup was held in conjunction with the GNBF German Natural Bodybuilding Championships on October 15 in Brunsbüttel – a town near Hamburg in Northern Germany. Six WNBF pros competed in the premiere edition of the WNBF Europe Pro Cup.


  1. Andreas Plate / Germany (3.000$)
  2. Miles Stovall / USA (2.000$)
  3. Betrand Nwadele / Switzerland (1.000$)
  4. Daniel Gildner / Germany
  5. Wayne Braddock / United Kingdom
  6. Gerald Peil / USA

WNBF Europe Cup Overall Winner Andy Plate and GNBF President Berend Breitenstein at the GNBF Championships.

It was a tough battle for victory between the undefeated GNBF Overall German Champion 2008 and 2011, Andy Plate and multiple World Champion Miles Stovall from the United States. Andy gave his WNBF Pro debut at this contest and he showed rock hard muscularity that edged out Miles’ beautiful lines and full muscles for first place finish. Miles presented an excellent shape but seems a bit softer than in comparison to when he is at his best. The stage where full of energy as these two champions stand next to each other gunning for the winner trophy as well as for the $3,000 check that was handled out for first place.

In the end, Andy won by unanimous decision and Miles placed a strong second and took home $2,000.? Bertrand Nwadele from Switzerland presented a very aesthetic body with pleasing lines and massive and full muscles. He took third place and $1.000 in prize money.

Daniel Gildner just won the GNBF middleweight class at his first participation as an athlete at a bodybuilding contest this same evening and decided to give his Pro Debut at the WNBF Europe Pro Cup shortly afterwards. This 23-year-old young guy showed a very balanced physique and tight muscularity. A well deserved fourth place finish for him. Wayne Braddock from the United Kingdom took fifth place with a pleasing physique, ahead of Gerald Peil from the US, who was in excellent condition and rounded out this field of six high class WNBF Pros competing at the 1st WNBF Europe Pro Cup.

The WNBF Europe is looking forward to 2012 to stage the second annual WNBF Europe Pro Cup! Visit
www.wnbf-europe.eu for full contest coverage and lots of photos.

Source: WNBF.net - WNBF Europe Pro Cup