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2010 Pro. World Championships ...a Proud Milestone!

by Sharon Gayle November 29, 2010

A Personal Accomplishment.

Thanksgiving was a much-needed break. The last 3-months have been grueling! The intense workouts, required focus, deciding on the "look" needed to make an impact, choosing the perfect outfits, letting the phone ring, and hitting the gym on Sunday’s; when all I wanted to do was sleep in!  Believe me the life of a Physique Competitor is no fun; but it is fulfilling!  Fulfilling, to have set a personal goal and see it through; Fulfilling to know that I walked away with no doubts as to whether I did everything I could (within my power) to prepare and do well. Fulfilling, knowing that I held my ground amidst some of the WNBF’s most elite Pro Figure Women.  Yes, I can look back at this event as a very important milestone in my journey as a competitor and smile!

A moment of fun ...and fond memories! My friend Pat and I backstage.

Add to this feeling, my standing on stage to the reception of friends and clients cheering me on; all of whom had impressed upon me that "You're a WINNER Sharon, whether you win this one or not" ...I cannot help but be proud and look at this experience as a major accomplishment! 

The Pro Figure women were a force to be reckoned with ...fierce opponents!  Some, seasoned with years of experience; others, like myself, a ‘new pro’ but all clearly serious, and worthy of Pro Status

I placed 8th at this event.  Of course, I had hoped, prayed, desired, to place higher; nevertheless, I proudly take 8th and give a nod of much respect to the Top-5 Competitors and Overall Winner, WNBF Ms. Exercise Figure World Champion Amy Llinas-Lynch.

* * * * *

Love and much thanks to my friend Patricia, who as always, was there to help me get through the day, both physically and mentally. You're an Angel!  

* * * * *

Below, are a few candid photographs taken during what was an extremely long day! Stay tuned for professional front and backstage photos, plus video to be posted soon.

Thank you all again for your encouragement and support! ~Sharon Gayle

Pro Figure 'Tall Class' Comparison ...just a few of us.

Finals - Evening Gown segment. A solo shot!

Backstage with bubbly Rene!  Friend and competitor from 2009 INBF Worlds.

Finals - Evening Gown Segment - Tall Class 'Comparison' shot.