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Whether you are an Business Executive, Professional Athlete, Working Mother, or College Student; the goal is usually the same; to be healthy and fit. Though armed with the best of intentions, some of us simply give up, losing faith in our ability to reach our goals. For others, hectic work schedules and personal responsibilities takes priority, as your health and general wellbeing deteriorates. Something needs to change, but you tell yourself that "this is how it is" and that there is no time for the gym or any other fitness routine. You watch what you eat, hoping that this will be enough to keep you healthy and in shape.

Though commendable, diet is but a small part of the "whole" that is needed for healthy living and lifestyle. Re-Prioritizing by placing your health and wellbeing at the top of your list to include a
| Balanced Meal Plan | Fitness Regimen | Sufficient Rest | Lifestyle-Based Achievable Fitness Goals | can make all the difference in the world!


| Less stress | Increased strength | Increased endurance | Sound sleep | Healthy body fat and muscle ratio | Healthy weight loss | Cardiovascular conditioning | A clear, healthy state of mind | Health Organs | A feeling of wellbeing | Effectively handle task | Improved Productivity | Living Life with Vitality!


The GayleFORCE®Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement uniquely personalized one-on-one services are comprehensive, research-based, and provides the foundation, knowledge, and building blocks with which our clients can begin living healthy, fit, balanced lifestyles.

As a World Champion Professional Figure Competitor, credentialed Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant, Wellness Practitioner, and Fitness Specialist, Sharon Gayle has worked with hundreds of clients both nationally and internationally. She is a sought after motivational speaker, and has given seminars to a variety of audiences ranging from Bodybuilding Athletes/Teams to Public School Students.

Leading by example, Sharon Gayle / GayleFORCE®Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement is committed to making a positive difference in each and every life that she touches. Sharon Gayle has the extensive background, experience, and knowledge, to assist you in achieving one of your most important and personal goals; the goal of living a balanced and healthy life at your physical best!

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GayleFORCE® Consultation & Assessment with Program Design

A complete and comprehensive Health & Wellness Consultation and Assessment to discuss your current wellness regime and personal health and fitness goals. This services includes a Personalized Summary and Fitness Program

GayleFORCE® Balanced Lifestyle

Bring together the key components of the GayleFORCE® health and wellness foundational building blocks, providing a wellness package which facilitates positive and lasting lifestyle change.

GayleFORCE® Nutrition & Meal Planning

Enjoy what you eat. Meal planning and nutritionally balanced meals. See and feel the difference!

GayleFORCE® Competitor - The Making of a Champion!

Pursue your Competitive Goals. Prepare for your next event with the personal assistance of INBF World Figure Champion, Sharon Gayle. Take your competitive goals and achievements to a whole new level of success! Train with a World Champion and Win!

GayleFORCE® Personal Training with Sharon Gayle

Individual goal-oriented Personal Training. See and feel the difference of working with a World Champion wellness professional who lives and breathes fitness, and is dedicated to your total wellbeing.

GayleFORCE® Online Personal Training

Do you have a hectic work schedule? Or, perhaps you are living in another state or country. Fret not! GayleFORCE® Online Personal Training was created just for you. You will receive the same great guidance and attention as with individual personal training sessions. No matter where you are in the world you can access your Online Personal Training Program and discuss your progress, so that you can stay on-track, stay committed, and fit!

GayleFORCE® Wellness Educational Series

With unique insight and extensive experience, Sharon Gayle is available for health and wellness educational lectures and seminars, as well as motivational speaking. Sharon Gayle is referred to as the "Fitness Guru" by B-Status Urban Lifestyle Magazine and is considered an authority on personalized success-oriented, strategic, health and wellness programming.

GayleFORCE® Bodybuilding Events

Bodybuilding Events Promoted, Hosted, and Facilitated by GayleFORCE® Fitness & Lifestyle Enhancement.

GayleFORCE® Competition StageWear - The Art of Competition!

An exclusive line of custom-made bodybuilding competitor StageWear, which reflects the grace and style that Sharon Gayle is known for presenting on stage. Each GayleFORCE® Competition StageWear is an original, and will add a touch of art and flair to the Competitors physique and stage-presence.

Sharon Gayle is a INBF World Figure Champion and a WNBF
Professional Figure Competitor. As a member of the WNBF – World
Natural Bodybuilding Federation, and IFPA - International Federation of Physique
Athletes, she is proud to be a drug-free, all-natural athlete.

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